Party went well, though even with the activated charcoal I did get a little more drunk than I wanted. Whateves, I had a lot of fun and managed to stay relatively classy and dressed. Still, there was this odd feeling of embarrassment hanging around my brain Sunday, and I'm really not certain why. Perhaps, it felt too much like a college party, or it was because I became more drunk than I wanted to... I don't know, but it was there and was more than a little annoying.

In other news, the rainy season has roared in like a Harley and on most of my hands I'm all THANK YOU STORM GODS! (because seriously we need it bad) but unfortunately, it also happened to coincide with my going off Teh Pill. Change in hormones + change in barometric pressure = near constant migraine. Fuck. I'd crawl back into bed, but I have to god to work. Meh.

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