I've decided that the fact my computer is borked again is a sign that I might need to take a break from the net. There's the money factor (and a bazillion other factors), but it's more that the past couple of weeks I've been steadily cursing myself more and more as I continued to get further and further lost in general, pointless internet spirals that prevent me from going to bed until 7 in the morning. In short: I apparently have no control when it comes to intel. I am an intelaholic.

I do have access at work and at my parents' on the weekends, so I'm not disappearing. I'm just making it so my time online actually, um, count for something? Mostly I just want to stop sabotaging my attemps to make positive changes, because I keep getting caught in google spirals not matter how hard I try.

At least I'm not trying to quit heroin?


Laters yo.
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