Wow, I feel officially, um, official now. I went to my local surf shop (LSS) to get a traction pad put on The Monstrosity, and the dude there totally remembered me despite my only being in one time before (and that was a couple months ago).


Also, so far I really like the surf community here. Maybe it's because we don't have as many people surfing or it's just good old Southern Hospitality, but there doesn't seem to be quite the same, er, grrrrness that I've heard of out in the Hawaiian and Californian crowd. Then again, now that I'm thinking about it, it's more likely that really the only people that surf this area area locals, so there is less territoriality. Oh, and everyone seems really interested and fascinated by my standup paddleboard (SUP), which again is opposite of what I've been hearing from Hawaii and California.

Have I mentioned lately that Florida kinda sorta rocks?

Dude, I so need a cute paddleboard icon, like, STAT! :D
I figure since there will be quite a bit nattering on about SUPing and paddleboarding in this journal, I should introduce y'all to my darling Monstrosity. )

For the record, that is indeed a six foot fence. ;D


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