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( May. 16th, 2009 06:37 pm)
Ok, no cleavage shirt, because well, it was lower cut than I thought it was, and wasn't so much provocative yet girly as it was beach-side hooker. And while there is nothing wrong with beach-side hooker, these are the people I work with. Not to mention that the last time I got drunk with people I work with, there was perhaps quite a bit of bawdiness on my part where "bawdiness" equals telling a guy I seriously, seriously want to *ahem* play with him, followed by me kissing him.

Yeah, the next day I was spent with my palm firmly planted on my face, because while I totally told the truth, I already know that it would be a pointless fling* and I have had enough "oh my god why the fuck did I do that" pointless flings to last a life time. There's no regret on my part, but I'm just over the, um, hangovers, if you will.

Which is where the activated charcoal comes in. I discovered that my favorite post party hangover minimizer--a couple activated charcoal pills and an emergen-c drink--becomes a hangover preventer when taken before the party starts. It also becomes a drunkeness preventer but that's ok what with these being production people I'm about to party with, and myself not having the greatest self control. Seriously though, these people will, in fact, party this hard:
From Blogger Pictures


I'd ask for y'all to prey that I DON'T end up nekkid on youtube, but unfortunately, I actually know you lot so just keep your minds away from "me", "nekkid" and "youtube" altogether, 'kay? *smoochies*


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